BTTRBack To The Roots
BTTRBrothers to the Rescue (Miami, Florida)
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BTTR, a private sector transmission line operator established in 2005 to address the need for additional power supply in Aktobe Province, was also one of the first successful public-private partnerships in Kazakhstan.
its agents that had infiltrated the BTTR to provide details about the
This displeasure led Castro to plan a covert operation to disrupt BTTR activities and to lure the BTTR aircraft out of U.
It is probably true that even the most egregious actions of the BTTR pilots, the dropping of leaflets over Havana, did not amount to a threat to the national security of Cuba.
The BTTR shootdown, a lingering relic of the Cold War, can be seen as the last nail in the coffin of the intrusion shootdown.
While no one would doubt the propriety of shooting down a civil aircraft on a suicide mission, the BTTR shootdown has set at least a minimum level as to what a threat must be.
This could lead to a needless broadening of the law to a degree that may eventually lead the world to call into question its own condemnation of Cuba in the BTTR shootdown, which could have just as easily been justified on sovereignty grounds.
to do it in the BTTR case, it is possible for another State to do it in the case of ABDP shootdowns, should a State be displeased enough with the operations to engage in such an act.
htm [hereinafter FBI Statement on BTTR Indictments].
The owners of BTTR Ventures entered the business plan competition after first losing in 2009.
unarmed BTTR planes were shot down by Cuban MiG fighters killing four