BTTVBullet Train to Vegas (band)
BTTVBENELUX (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) Trofee voor Thermisch Verzinken (Dutch: BENELUX Trophy for Thermal Galvanizing)
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This week's Industry Economic Update (IEU) looks at a myriad of key stats impacting trucking and shippers and of note is the fact that the industry seems to be at a pivot point leaving many wondering where it will go from here," says Michael Carpentier, CEO of BTTV, "Furthermore, very significant issues are on the horizon that could be a deciding factor: the looming fiscal cliff, rising diesel prices, a worsening sovereign debt crisis, the election, and consumer confidence which is consistently battered with bad news.
In this week's show, BTTV invited industry expert, Eric Starks, President of FTR Associates, to add some additional insights into the health of the industry.
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