BTUCBrent Trades Union Council (UK)
BTUCBirmingham Trades Union Council
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Many small medical device companies do not have the internal resources to focus on these topics and are often unaware of the risk management practices that regulators expect to see in a product approval application," says Steve Ebben, Vice President of Planning & Marketing for BTUC.
BTUC plans to offer the seminar in other venues throughout 2008.
With our advancements in technology, I engaged BTUC to validate our design of e-learning programs and help us embark on further development initiatives that effectively meet our learner's needs.
Evaluating these learning modules presents one more service that BTUC has to offer as the Center expands and our team continues to make improvements in healthcare technology.
Over the past few months, the BTUC team, composed of clinical and human factors engineers and two clinical nurse specialists, worked on developing a risk assessment tool to identify and classify the different types of potential misconnections in the PICU.
In this way, BTUC will improve customer satisfaction, speed our overall development time and save the cost of potential product rework in the later stages of design.
BTUC offers technology manufacturer's design inputs that can increase caregiver productivity, enhance ease of use, and advance patient safety.
The staff at BTUC is now working with GE to increase the intelligence of the telemetry alarm algorithms and improve the equipment's user interface.