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BTVBéance Tubaire Volontaire (French pressure balancing maneuver)
BTVBlast Test Vehicle
BTVBurlington, VT, USA - Burlington International Airport (Airport Code)
BTVBlanc Transports Véhicules (French automobile distributor)
BTVBenoit Tourisme Voyages (French travel agency)
BTVBibliothèque du Tourisme et des Voyages (French: Library of Travel and Tourism)
BTVBuoyant Transport Vehicle
BTVBridgewater Television (Bridgewater, Massachusetts local programming)
BTVBuffy the Vampire Slayer (TV show)
BTVBotswana Television
BTVBeyond the Veil
BTVBusiness Television
BTVBridgewater Television (Community TV; Bridgewater, MA)
BTVBangladesh Television
BTVBetter TV (Israel)
BTVBus Ticket Validator
BTVBallistic Test Vehicle (launcher system testing)
BTVBluetongue Virus
BTVBarcelona TV
BTVBuyer to Verify (real estate sales)
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These goats were 2-3 years old and did not show any clinical symptoms and were not vaccinated against CAEV and BTV infections.
The virus was not neutralized by the reference antisera raised against BTV genotypes 1-24 and 26 or by an anti-BTV-25 serum (a titrated anti-BTV-25 serum is not available).
Susceptible samples need to be passage through embryonated chicken eggs and/or cell culture for isolation of BTV antigen (Anthony et al.
8220;This agreement to broadcast news directly from BTV is a giant step towards meeting that demand and spreading Bangladesh all over the world,” adds Mr.
This is doubly important as BTV 1 is now widespread in France and there is no cross protection from BTV 8 vaccine.
If the EU imposes stricter movement rules then obviously they will apply to our own exports, as we are in a BTV zone.
The timing of this generous contribution is perfect, and we are so grateful to the Walkers," said Ellen Meenen, president of the BTV Foundation.
However, a more general BTV definition embraces any regular business programming - whether delivered via satellite, by network to a PC with video playback or, most commonly, by video magazine.
For BTV, the goals in applying CD-Video are very different.
Alongside broadcasting entertainment program-mes, Tarana urged the BTV to highlight the development activities of the government to make people aware about it.
The study revealed that 63% of those surveyed watched Bahrain TV (BTV) programmes daily, while 24% watched them 3 to 4 times weekly, and 13% once or twice weekly, which indicates the success of BTV in attracting viewers.
BTV occurs throughout temperate and tropical areas of the world coincident with the distribution of vector Culicoides spp.