BTWCBiological and Toxin Weapons Convention (1972)
BTWCBeneficial Trust and Will Company (UK)
BTWCBetter Than Worst-Case (engineering and design)
BTWCBeijing Today Walk Center (China)
BTWCBrain Tissue Water Content (edema)
BTWCBefore There Were Children
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As for Israel, it must be asked why the country has snubbed both the CWC and BTWC in light of the arguably minimal difference this would make, in relative terms, to its security given the country's possession, unlike any other in the region, of nuclear weapons.
As a result, the US pulled out of international talks aimed at boosting the BTWC in 2001.
This is a clear violation of both the international BTWC and the domestic Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act.
administration repudiated the verification protocol for the BTWC.
The Information about Biological Weapons and the BTWC page contains links to articles and speeches by department experts, video lectures on the BTWC protocol negotiations, and information on related programs carried out by the department.
The proposals are certain to weigh heavily on all countries' minds as they prepare for November's reconstituted 5th Review Conference of the BTWC.
The BTWC was entered into force in 1975 and has since been ratified (or brought into law) by 143 countries and signed (or preliminarily agreed to) by an additional 18.
But even as the BTWC established an international agreement prohibiting biological weapons, it did not contain the threat, which has persisted through the years.
Canada should continue to support programs to aid in the destruction of chemical and biological weapons stockpiles in the former Soviet Union, to fulfill requirements under the BTWC and CWC.
Canada must continue its participation in efforts to strengthen the BTWC by establishing an effective enforcement mechanism.
Unlike the newer Chemical Weapons Convention, the BTWC has no legally binding verification mechanism.
Postponement of the Fifth Review Conference does not bode well for the future of the BTWC.