BTWSCBeyond the Will Smith Challenge (UK)
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Taking on the ethos of the African proverb which says "until the lion tells its story, history will be written from the viewpoint of the hunter", BTWSC developed the BSA in 2003 to honour unsung people of African descent who have made a laudable contribution to mankind.
Before the BTWSC award, Naki had already received the Order of the Mapungubwe--one of the highest honours in South Africa.
When I read about him and the fact that not only had official recognition been withheld from this inspirational figure, but also that he was living on a gardener's pension, I decided to do something more than commiserate," said the BTWSC co-ordinator and co-founder of the Black S/Heroes Award (BSA), Ms Serwah.
It is therefore right that the BTWSC, which inspires individuals to develop their potential, should at its first annual general meeting highlight the exploits of an unsung hero.