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BUBBringing Up Baby (movie)
BUBBelgische Unie-Union Belge (Belgian political group)
BUBBattle Update Briefing
BUBBiblioteca Universitaria Bologna (Italian: Bologna University Library; Bologna, Italy)
BUBBrothers Uplifting Brothers (est. 2000; Merrillville, IN)
BUBBurwell, Nebraska (airport code)
BUBBroadband Ultrasonic Backscatter (radiology)
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At the same time, that Bub doesn't physically react to it in the same way we might underlines that he is different: if we wince, or physically squirm at his ripped skin, our actions do not mirror his.
In 1978 he founded BUB Enterprises, a manufacturer of exhaust systems for motorcycles and ATVs that operated out of Manning's two-car garage.
According to Thomas, the company now does a job for an injection molding machine that it won owing primarily to exposure working with the BUB Streamliner.
This is the film that brought us arguably the world's most famous zombie, Bub (Sherman Howard) - who responds to Beethoven's Ode To Joy and remembers shaving.
In this resource for healthcare professionals and students, physician and psychotherapist Barry Bub describes an alternative approach to communication with patients.
com) introduced at ProMat a new president, Charles Bub, who joined the company in November.
5) In a crucial early scene Lutie, The Street's protagonist, for instance, struggles to explain to her eight-year-old son Bub "'why .
An unabashed connoisseur of these theorems, Jeffrey Bub accords the world records to Kernaghan, who can prove his No Go result in 20 rays, and to Clifton, who by a slight expansion of the Kochen-Specker conditions reduces Kernaghan's configuration to 15 rays.
For I am his beloved Rice Bub and he is my treasured companion.
Poke a bubsegra stegy through the cop bobal into the center of each bub.
Although there was mutual interest, neither side was a strong pursuer, because we both had a lot of other things going on," says Bub.
DS SolidWorks) customer Denis Manning and his BUB Enterprises racing team have set the motorcycle world land speed record, recapturing a title Manning has now held three times since 1970.