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BUBABristol University Business Angels (student entrepreneurship club)
BUBABritish Universities Brunei Association (UK)
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Hacker Buba has been in contact with some of the bank's customers warning them that they must either pay him directly or get the bank to do so, otherwise their bank statements would be posted online.
3D-Sparrow has presented a demo reel for potential backers to give a full impression of the project, show Buba in motion (animation), his personality, the general visualization, the style, the atmosphere, and the surroundings.
Story: Buba is an auto repairman living in Niger with his brother Mukela.
Meanwhile, in neighbouring Niger, mechanic Buba is a skilled soccer player.
The costumes generally worn in this dance are those popularized by the Yoruba people, particularly those that are worn at weddings, such as a buba, agbada, and gele (head gear) and shawl.
A survey of the delivery time of construction projects in Nigeria reveals a delay of between 50 and 420% (Elinwa and Buba 1993).
Acevedo's initial feelings about Buba (whom he has only seen in pictures) betray a sense of apprehension.
Surprisingly, however, this haplotype has been found among members of the Buba clan of the Lemba, at a frequency-13.
It was Georgia who came out of the blocks quicker after the break and substitute Buba Rukhadze somehow managed to volley over from just 10 yards with the goal at his mercy.
Mayank Buba, "South Sudan's Militias," Enough Project, March 3, 2011.
Nevertheless El Amin Polo battled hard and was rewarded with an early goal after excellent play from Bello Buba.
AVOID the post-Christmas slump with some seasonal belly laughs as Richard Blackwood (above), Kevin J, Rodney Laney and Kool Buba Ice offer Real Deal Comedy Jam at Birmingham Town Hall on Monday.