BUBLBulletin Board for Libraries
BUBLBulletin Board for Libraries (UK Joint Academic Network)
BUBLBathysphere Underwater Biological Laboratory (Fairport, New York)
BUBLBroaching Universal Buoyant Launcher (US DoD)
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MrWoodburn said the PS25,000 prizemoney is going to be used to relaunch as BUBL Packaging and to launch two new products.
Some, like IPL, MEL, and BUBL are now virtual libraries in addition to portals.
Others can be accessed via BUBL, including sites devoted to F.
Stopping points will include BUBL LIS news, traditional library sites, a visit to Oxford and the British Library, public libraries, discussion lists, electronic library highlights, and then we'll go up to Scotland for a farewell visit.
The economics section of the BUBL WWW and Gopher Subject Tree has over 150 resources, several of which are themselves extensive collections.
Substantial cooperation between the two services has occurred over the last few years, and BUBL staff are members of the Mailbase user group (MBUG).
As mentioned here last month, BUBL was the first national U.
It is also likely that the voluntary effort, on which the BUBL Subject Tree is partly based, will have problems in scaling up to cope with the expansion of electronic information.
Section E2 of BUBL provides you with the Tables of Contents, and often the published abstracts of over 200 LIS oriented titles.
Remember to use the Lynx facility from the BUBL Gopher Welcome screen to access the BUBL WWW service if you don't have access to a client-server.
One of the most useful sources of information on BUBL are the directories and listings of companies and individuals who are collectively involved in some area of interest.