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BUCBlock Up Converter (satellite component)
BUCBibliothèque Universitaire Centrale (French: Central University Library; various universities)
BUCBusiness Use Case (software engineering)
BUCBusiness Unit Controller
BUCBesançon Université Club (French: Besançon University Club; Besançon, France)
BUCChief Builder (Naval Rating)
BUCBlessed/Uncursed/Cursed (NetHack)
BUCBrest Université Club (French university sports group)
BUCBus Unit Controller
BUCBulk Unitization Charges (shipping)
BUCBunker Contribution
BUCBrothers Under Christ (Christian fraternity)
BUCBuckhorn California
BUCBackup Concentrator
BUCBack Up Computer
BUCBack Up Controller
BUCBackup Commanding
BUCBack Up Converter
BUCBlood Urea Concentration (nephrology)
BUCBilling Unit Code
BUCBusiness Unit Contribution
BUCBilan Universitaire de Compétences (French: Academic Skills Assessment)
BUCBergen University College (Norway)
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10 uncemented total hip replacement, revision modular (pipe) BUC 1:45
Buc received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Brown University and her Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Virginia, and was awarded an honorary doctor of laws degree from Brown University.
We believe the Company is uniquely positioned to selectively acquire distressed assets, restructure debt and improve operations thereby creating value to BUC holders in the form of a strong tax-exempt bond investment.
Our 80-Watt Matchbox BUC provides all the required linearity for high-definition broadcasts, yet comes in a power-packed, ruggedly-compact 24-pound package," said Cliff Cooke, President and CEO of Wavestream.
Table 31 laboratory drawers, Countertops textolit Buc 15
Poleman stated: "It is rare to find a brand in radio as strong as the Star and Buc Wild Show.
The transition and conversion of BUC holder information from the prior transfer agent to AST has proven more problematic and time consuming than expected.
Although both Star and Buc Wild were suspended for one day, "we believe this measure to have been woefully inadequate, and urge you to take further steps to discipline these men for their actions," wrote the AJC and USINPAC in their letter sent today to Mr.
The merger is contingent upon several conditions, including the approval by the shareholders of APRO and the BUC holders of AFREZ.