BUCECBoston University Corporate Education Center
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With the addition of BUCEC, TechSkills is on track to achieve well in excess of $50 million of revenue in 2007.
TechSkills campuses will immediately become available to host BUCEC programs, making it possible for BUCEC customers outside of New England to train their employees at a nearby campus, thus reducing travel costs.
We are delighted to join the TechSkills team," said John Bonanno, BUCEC President.
The BUCEC's project management curriculum will also be adjusted based on the model to ensure that our clients have all of the skills needed to manage projects successfully," according to Rick Freeman, Chief Business Development Officer at the BUCEC.
Additional details about the model and how it works are available in a white paper developed by Freeman and Gould, "The Art of Project Management: A Competency Model For Project Managers," which can be ordered through the BUCEC Web site at www.
We are aware of the quality of the educational experience BUCEC offers our state's adult learners, and have enjoyed an excellent relationship with Boston University for many years.
Our students are enrolled at BUCEC because they are committed to investing in themselves and determined to carve out more satisfying careers.
We hope they will continue to rely on BUCEC as a training resource throughout their careers.
Chief Operating Officer John Bonanno - former executive director of BUCEC
Chief Business Development Officer Rick Freeman - former director of the Training Consultant Group at BUCEC
Adding the CIW curriculum and certification program to our other outstanding programs gives BUCEC the broadest and deepest array of technology training available anywhere," said Melissa Ryan, executive director for BUCEC.
We are thrilled that BUCEC will now extend this training to its clients, giving them the skills to develop and deploy e-business solutions critical to the new economy.