BUCMBeijing University of Chinese Medicine (China)
BUCMMaster Chief Builder (Naval Rating)
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As each new "instrument of precision" was introduced--echocardiography, nuclear cardiology, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, invasive procedures--the relations between the BUCM faculty and the private practitioners at TMH had to be worked out.
He was instrumental in rapidly setting up an affiliation of BUCM with the VA Hospital (years later to be named the Michael E.
Founded in 1958, the School of Chinese Materia Medica of BUCM has well-defined missions, outstanding educational subjects, and prominent professional specialties and is the cradle of cultivating high-level Chinese medicine experts.
The School of Chinese Materia Medica of BUCM is recognized for its strength of leading-edge research on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).
Nationally, efforts during this era were continuing to improve nursing education and nursing service in hospitals; the approaches taken were broader than those of the BH medical staff and BUCM faculty.
The council comprised the dean of the nursing school, dean of BUCM (until BUCM moved to Houston in 1943), administrator of BUH, chairmen of various medical school departments, a nursing school alumnae representative, and a "prominent laywoman of Dallas" as regular members.
Even though BUCM had been removed to Houston in 1943 and the Baylor-in-Dallas concept gradually evaporated without the presence of a medical school or BU financial support for professional activities in Dallas other than BUSN, the hospital and the nursing school continued to work closely and cooperatively, even after the office of the school's dean was moved to Waco in 1951.
He graduated from Baylor University in 1935 and from BUCM in 1939.