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Gold Level recognition means that The Budd Group met specific criteria such as offering physical activity support, increasing healthy eating options at work, promoting a wellness culture and implementing several of the physical activities and nutritional activities as suggested by the American Heart Association.
Mr Budd, who has served as deputy mayor for four years, will now step up and replace his former boss Ray Mallon.
If Budd was intrigued by the water, he came by it from an early age.
Budd, 47, who lives in South Carolina, only told them the truth four years ago when she wanted to compete in the US.
The national mesothelioma law firm of Baron and Budd is an avid supporter of asbestos advocacy groups such as the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO).
Budd was already in the glare of the international spotlight after her application for British citizenship was fast-tracked earlier in the year, in time for her to compete at the Games.
Mr Walker said Cpl Budd and comrades in the Parachute Regiment were a credit to their unit and the armed forces.
Zola Budd told journalists that she tried to apologise to Decker in the tunnel leading away from the track after the race, but was told abruptly, "Don't bother.
The second time Decker's spikes caught the heel of Budd, who famously ran barefoot.
Budd began his career as a furniture buyer at Abraham & Straus in the 1950s, according to Women's Wear Daffy.
Twain's Will Be Done," by Isabelle Budd, was included in the Spring 1984 issue of the Mark Twain Journal, followed by a facsimile of Mark Twain's will on pages 34-39.
Cpl Budd, from 3 Para Regiment, was involved in a fight against the Taliban in Sangin, in the northern part of Helmand province on Sunday.