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BUGBackpackers' Ultimate Guide (travel guide series)
BUGBCL (Binary Control Language) Users Group
BUGBack Up Gun
BUGBSD User Group (Berkeley software distribution OS family UNIX-based)
BUGBack Up Generator (Boeing 777)
BUGBicycle User Groups
BUGBringing Up Grades (school program)
BUGBanner Users Group
BUGBacklight, Uplight and Glare (outdoor lighting)
BUGBrooklyn Union Gas Company
BUGBottom-Up Greedy (pre-assignment technique)
BUGBeOS Users Group
BUGBenthic Unattended Generator (Microbial Fuel Cell)
BUGBig Ugly Goof (programming mistake)
BUGBoulder Colorado .NET User Group (Boulder, CO)
BUGBeer Users Group (various locations)
References in classic literature ?
De bug, - I'm berry sartain dat Massa Will bin bit somewhere bout de head by dat goole-bug.
I nebber did see sick a deuced bug - he kick and he bite ebery ting what cum near him.
Finding that no satisfaction was to be obtained of Jupiter, whose whole intellect seemed to be absorbed by "de bug," I now stepped into the boat and made sail.
This bug is to make my fortune," he continued, with a triumphant smile, "to reinstate me in my family possessions.
And when the people grumbled more and more, and some threw stones at the king's grass house, the Bug sang a song of how good it was to be a Fish-Eater.
And Big-Fat said it was good, and the Bug sang another song about how good it was to observe the law, and what a fine land the Sea Valley was, and how every man who loved the Sea Valley should go forth and kill the bad Meat-Eaters.
There was too much to think about, and, also, there were the guards sticking spears into us, and Big-Fat talking about God, and the Bug singing new songs.
Half a dozen different bugs of long scientific names had attacked and destroyed him.
And, anyhow, we never eat such dreadful things as BUGS.
But you eat the chickens that eat the bugs," retorted the yellow hen, with an odd cackle.
Of course he did not pronounce God as you or I would pronounce His name, for Tarzan knew naught of the spoken language of his English forbears; but he had a name of his own invention for each of the little bugs which constituted the alphabet.
Tarzan watched them lazily from above as they scratched in the rotting loam for bugs and beetles and grubworms, or sought among the branches of the trees for eggs and young birds, or luscious caterpillars.