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BUGGERBe User Group for the Greater Entirety of Rochester
BUGGERBest Universal Grit Grime and Effluent Remover
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Since any solution could prove more devastating to the tank's ecosystem than harboring one mantis shrimp, "I guess we just have to keep replacing the snails and crabs until we catch the bugger," Cripe sighs.
Morton said: "He's the right sort for a trip to the UK - he's a relaxed, big bugger.
It was an ab-so-lute bugger,'' Thompson says with a dramatic sigh.
They wrote to all the MPs with fishing constituencies asking them to change their name to their favourite fish and I was the only bugger stupid enough to do it.
The next morning we looked for the poor bugger but couldn't find 'im.
Flies: Clouser minnow with heavy lead eyes, calico bugger, squid pattern or other weighted baitfish imitations in hook size Nos.
When the Beeb asked to film Kauto Star yesterday morning, I had a good mind to say no and tell them to bugger off.
Then some miserable bugger tried to steal them in the middle of the night.
I told the trainers not to let him have his helmet and that bugger, he found it.