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BUJABoston University Juggling Association (Massachusetts)
BUJABinghamton University Japanese Association (est. 1993)
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According to Buja, the key principles are that a temperature increase causes a volume increase in the sensor bead, while a pressure increase on the bead decreases its volume, which raises its internal temperature (pressure x volume = temperature).
Although most criticisms target the Lee government and their allies, Kang Buja and Ko Soyoung, religious institutions are also the target of criticism.
The now common format of a 3-to 10-minute montage of short gameplay clips, as popularized by the influential machinima director Ben Buja, (10) shows blatant disdain for narrative.
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Ayranci, 2005; Zampieron, Galeazzo, Turra, & Buja, 2010) on workplace aggression in public-health settings researchers have focused on the aggression perpetrated by patients against HCWs, with less attention devoted to the aggression perpetrated by HCWs against patients.
Bowlers Megan Buja and Anggie Ramirez and head coach Kristina Frahm (University of Maryland Eastern Shore) helped the UMES women's team claim a second United States Bowling Congress xbowling Intercollegiate Team Championship in three years.
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