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BUKBayero University Kano (Nigeria)
BUKBradford, United Kingdom
BUKBirmingham Ultimate Keepfit (gym resource; UK)
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The weapon used was a warhead model 9N314M a missile 9M38 series, as installed on the Buk surface-to-air missile system.
According to the report, the Buk missile launcher used for the operation was seen being unloaded in Snizhne at least three hours before the downing.
Nayda said the Buk turned back east toward Snizhne.
Igor Sutyagin, a research fellow in Russian studies at the Royal United Services Institute, said both Ukrainian and Russian forces have SA-17 missile systems, also known as Buk ground-to-air launcher systems.
He said he did not know whether rebel forces owned Buk missile launchers, but claimed even if they did, there had been no fighters capable of operating it.
The shortest distance was between ADR and BUK (81 kin) and the longest was between ALA and KAZ (783 kin; Fig.
Hydroelectric power plant Buk Bijela will have an installed capacity of 114.
As previously communicated, on 21 April 2010 BUK Holdco Limited ("BUK"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of ABG, commenced a compulsory acquisition procedure to acquire the ordinary shares of the Australian-listed company Tusker which were not tendered in BUK's takeover offer.
Cofiaf gael briw ar fy llaw - wnaeth pythefnos o Sam Buk ddim byd iddo ond roedd oel taid wedi ei glirio mewn byr amser.
The Buk Book, although lifting much of this information from other sources, uncited, does provide some of those wilder, hairier anecdotes of the Rabelaisian Buk, but the "musings" seem largely a justification for the publishing of the outlandishly bawdy photos.
It provides a comprehensive consumer profile of the entire healing ointment segment (minimum category sample = 12,803 consumers), as well as a detailed segmentation by brand, namely: Deep Heat, Fastum, Nurofen, Repari-Gel, Vicks, Voltaren, Zam - Buk.
The jet was brought down on July 17 last year by an SA-11 Buk rocket, fired from a 200-square mile area of Ukraine under the control of rebels loyal to Russian President Vladimir Putin.