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BUMBoot-Up Manager (software)
BUMBusiness Update Meeting
BUMBuild-up Multilayer
BUMBlue Marlin (FAO fish species code)
BUMBusiness Unit Manager
BUMButt-Ugly Martians (TV program)
BUMBi Unité Montréal (French; Canadian bisexual association)
BUMBuild-Up Multilayer (circuit packaging technology)
BUMBusiness Update Meeting (Intel)
BUMBargaining Unit Member
BUMBaseline Update Memorandum (configuration management)
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The company's goal in conducting the trial is to ultimately make the technology available "as a national countermeasure" against bum injuries, including those complicated by radiation exposure.
It would be different if your bum was big and you were doing squats to make it bigger.
It's a particular style of bikini - a heart shaped back with a ruched middle, as opposed to the Kim Kardashian, who has made the bum big traditional triangle shape - that originated in Brazil and then moved to America.
BUM Ltd also participated in the tenders for supply of medicines and won them.
Modelled by Bum endorses Bianca Umali, Miguel Tanfelix, Jane Oineza, Ella Cruz, Nash Aguas, and Diego Loyzaga--the Black Army collection is all about taking a stand on your personal style, one that's anything but boring.
Landeros is determined to maintain her vision of keeping Blue Baby Bum a wholesome, parent-friendly company that not only employs stay at home moms but also focuses in making the world a better place for less privileged children.
Vintageous Rags owner Grace Stringer has sold more than 200 bum bags in both leather and fabric as well as vintage versions.
Never has the phrase 'does my bum look big in this?
The new Miss Bum Bum also said that her bum isn't 100 percent natural as she has had a butt lift.
BUM STEER: One of them is positively pornographic with a bare boob and her hand down her pants.
30 BBC Wales Today; Weather (T) "I've got big boobs, a big bum and a little waist, but so what?