BUMADBelarus, Ukraine, Moldova Anti-Drug Programme
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In an effort to address these problems, Belarus has been working with BUMAD and Bombel Programs to obtain necessary training and equipment.
In February 2005, BUMAD and the GOB launched Minsk-based counternarcotics youth information campaign, "You and Me against Drugs," but the program ended later that year.
Moreover, in a report presented to the BUMAD in September, the State Border Troops' Committee conceded that official seizure figures do not reflect the reality of the problem and that most drugs transit Belarus undetected from western Russia, which has a virtual open border with Belarus as part of the countries' customs union.
For example, authorities delayed registration of the second part of BUMAD and consequently postponed the launch of BUMAD-sponsored programs for legal assistance, border control, drug intelligence, community policing, drug observatories, and NGO networking.
In an effort to address these problems, the BUMAD program continues several programs to improve Belarus' border checkpoints and training of law enforcement personnel.