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BUMSBachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (degree; India)
BUMSBristol University Music Society (Bristol, England, UK)
BUMSBath University Maths Society (UK)
BUMSBalliol Undergraduate Mathematics Society (Balliol College, Oxford University; UK)
BUMSBrandon University Music Students (Canada)
BUMSBell Umbilical Management System (offshore drilling)
BUMSBicycle United Motocross Society (est. 1970; California)
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It may be the bottom line in fashion, but Lee Cooper is set to give couture a right kick in the backside with their latest creation - bum cleavage jeans.
He said fellow bums are welcome to register on his site and join him in being an online bum and apply to win -- or bum -- products from advertisers for free.
Even Gwynneth Paltrow feels that her own bum is too small.
The contest is being run by online student newspaper The Tab to mark the anniversary of Pippa Middleton's bum stealing the show at the royal wedding.
Designed for skinny girls desperate for some extra curves, the pounds 20 pants (available at Ann Summers shops) have two curved padded sections to the rear, which fit over your real bum cheeks and increase their size by two to three inches outwards.
A bum would have to be "like a pair of perfect breasts" to score top marks in that category, while Paula's was only "pretty much symmetrical in all directions".
THERE'S a new menace stalking the fashion pages in the shape of the celebrity bum.
The truth is, no matter how many times we are told that big bums look great, us girlies are still going to dedicate endless hours and our hard-earned cash to the quest for a smaller bottom.
Call it the bottom line in fashion, but jeans manufacturers Lee Cooper are set to give couture a right kick up the derriere with their latest creation - bum cleavage jeans.
We never noticed Kylie's bum when she was in Neighbours.
Men who prefer smaller bums are high-achievers who are reluctant to accept the blame when things go wrong.
The commercial for Velvet Toilet Tissue, showing bums of all shapes and sizes, received one of the highest numbers of objections in recent years.