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BUNDBundeswehr (German Armed Forces)
BUNDBund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland (Association for Environment and Nature Protection; German branch of Friends of the Earth)
BUNDBritish Universities Newsreel Database
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Still, Bund said, it's simple to create the partnership, but difficult to prolong the relationship.
Shima was chief secretary of the Bund, which takes its name from the German word for alliance.
Smolensk's Bund and SERP began mobilizing their supporters in late March.
He further said that during last flood of 2013 J-Spur of Nusrat Loop Bund was damaged but now the flow of water was towards Khairpur side and with the arrival of more water it would then be clear what to do.
But even as they admit the bunds have guarded the city against floods over the years, experts say swelling beyond a certain level may render the embankments useless.
Ten-year Belgian OLO spreads over German Bunds widened on Friday to 72 basis points from 65 bps midweek, as investors began to cheapen off debt ahead of up to 2.
The massing of White Magnolia's central tower visually connects the historic Bund District with the highrise Pudong District across the river, balancing the city skyline.
Every year a number of baby swans and ducks get stuck down the water outlet - and we have attempted to stop this by using a floating bund.
In the lead up to the opening of Waldorf Astoria Shanghai on the Bund, Dirk will be responsible for appointing a team of experienced professionals to operate the hotel and deliver one of Shanghai's most luxurious guest experiences.
German Bunds opened little changed on Tuesday ahead of the U.
LARKANA -- Sindh Minister for Home Affairs Suhail Anwar Siyal Tuesday visited Akil-Aaghani Loop Bund, Abad Mangli Bund, Hakra Protective Bund, Seri Bund and other protective embankments of the River Indus in Larkana district.
They inspected Aakil-Aghani Bund, Nusrat Loop Bunds, Moria bund, Hakra bund, Abad Mangli Bund, Seeri bund and other bunds of Larkana district.