BUOBiblioteca de la Universidad de Oviedo
BUOBilateral Ureteral Occlusion
BuoBiunoctium (chemical element)
BUOBelgische Unie van Osteopaten (Dutch: Belgian Union of Osteopaths)
BUOBrown University Orchestra
BUOBilateral Urinary Obstruction
BUOBogazici Universitesi Oyunculari (avant-garde theatre group at Bogazici University, Turkey)
BUOBruto Uitwendige Oppervlakte (Dutch: Gross External Area)
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BDO, BAO, BUO ve alt olcekleri, intihar dusuncesi, intihar davranisi ve intihar niyeti olceklerinin ile alt olcekleri gruplar acisindan karsilastirilmasi intihar Grubu (n=so) Min- Ort [+ or -] Sd Max.
The notion of the Shang city at ZhengZhou being capital Buo founded by Tang King, Wen Wu 1978: 2.
yw'r hen goleg ddim fel y buo fo, ddim fel y buo fo, ddim fel y buo fo
1] Although patients with BUO typically receive urgent intervention to recoup renal function, there is limited evidence that survival and quality of life are extended by doing so.
Beijing Jinggong Fuzhuang Jituan Youxian Gongsi yu Zhang Bo ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) [Zhang Buo v.
11] Moreover, it was recently demonstrated that acute BUO leads to marked upregulation of COX-2 in inner medulla; selective COX-2 inhibition prevents dysregulation of AQP2 in response to BUO, indicating that COX-2 may be an important factor contributing to the impaired renal water and sodium handling in response to BUO.
amp;c WEL, ella nad ydi'r Cofis eu hunain wedi newid, ond dyw hen dafodiaith unigryw'r dref ddim fel y buo hi mae hynny'n saff.
ors rose above putting on presand seeing Sighappy traveller inute effort gave om six Swansea in o h buo Still, with Bale in th that watching Wales b man was happy enou the justified hyperbo turned it on.
Zhongguancun zi zhu chuang xin chan pin buo zheng fu you xian
An examination of Philippine-based studies on values shows a greater emphasis on identifying dominant Filipino characteristic traits like pakikisama, pakikipagkapwa tao, utang na loob, abenturero, buo and loob, kalma, di-marahas, magalang, magandang loob, mahinahon, mahusay, mapagkumbaba, mapagdamay, mapagdusa, mapaghunusdili, mapaglingkod, may sariling kumpiyansa, walang takot among others (Lavador, 1981; Quisumbing, 1980; Camadang, et a, 1983; Andres, 1986; and Jocano, 1990 as cited in Chavez, 2000; and Church, A.
To answer the question we must first understand the reasons behind equities' recent buo yancy.