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BUPBarn- och Ungdomspsykiatri (Sweden)
BUPBangladesh Unnayan Parishad (Bangladeshi development organization)
BUPBachillerato Unificado Polivalente
BUPBarracks Upgrade Program
BUPBloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
BUPBureau of Unclaimed Property
BUPBuild Up Pallet (shipping)
BUPBase Unifiée Presse (French: Unified Press Base)
BUPBusiness Unit Plan
BUPBack-Up Plate
BUPBureau des Utopies & des Progrès (French: Office of Utopias & Progress)
BUPBusiness Unit Performance
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On April 8, 2011, the DOE published a revised EIS and revised BUP.
To define the cost effectiveness of these Net-Zero energy use improvements, a prediction of the building energy use with the BUP improvements must be made.
The rule-of-thumb that I have devised is based on my interpretation of the BUP, which, in effect, states that if a person behaves rationally, then he can expect success.
In their distress they will look to fellow BUP parties like the Liberals, UKIP and the Tories.
Patients were randomized using a computer-generated random number table into two equal groups of fifteen: group BUP (bupivacaine only) and group BUP+CLO (bupivacaine with clonidine).
o equivalente Bachiller elemental, Graduado 121 14,1 77 23,3 escolar, EGB completo o equivalente Formacion profesional de Primer 62 7,2 55 16,7 grado o de Segundo grado Bachiller superior, BUP 49 5,7 27 8,2 Diplomado de Escuelas Universitarias, Arquitecto o Ingeniero tecnico 19 2,2 13 3,9 Licenciado Universitario, Arquitecto o Ingeniero superior o Titulaciones 17 2,0 16 4,8 de Estudios Superiores no Universitarios NS/NC 25 2,9 1 0,3 Tabla 2 Items y formatos de respuesta Variables sociodemograficas Variables de procedimiento Tipo de respondedor Edad 1.
SINCE retiring back to the North-east five years ago Malcolm Green, now of Great Ayton, has been unable to find the whereabouts of an Austin 7, registration number BUP 274.
As we don't tolerate our own crazies from the BUP, I don't see why we should tolerate theirs on our national radio station.
He said when the award of the BUP is announced by the Deputy Commissioner, CDA, the possession of the area will be taken and development work will be started by the engineering wing of CDA.
a) Patient Cumulative BUP (b) NBUP (c) BUP in dose, mg in washed in washed unwashed hair, pg/mg hair, pg/mg hair, pg/mg A 0 ND (d) ND 246 ND ND 682 3.
No sucking is needed for this little baby bottle-meets cup - BUP - as well as being spill-proof and easy to use for even young tots.