BURDBuried Underground Residential Distribution (electrical utilities)
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In this richly documented but uneven study, Jeffrey Burds sets out to explore the nature, dimensions and cultural consequences of changes in the peasant way of life.
Burds argues that by the late 19th century, the market economy had generated a "mass consumer culture" in the village, and a new and powerful peasant "myth of upward mobility.
Burds has done prodigious work in archives and published sources; he has travelled to rural as well as urban archives, visited libraries and rural museums, and his book draws upon a wealth of new documentation and features wonderful illustrations.
Many of the materials Burds has unearthed derive from non-peasants (village priests, elite commentators, etc.
Teammate Eric Burds was 3 for 3 with two doubles and Saul Rostamian had a triple, double and two RBI.