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BURLBollettino Ufficiale Regione Lombardia (Italian: Official Bulletin of the Lombardy Region)
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Although there are cases where the Karelian burl can be completely burled in the full length up to 10 feet, that is very seldom.
Wendell Wood of the conservation group Oregon Wild said he was out hiking recently and found two redwood trees with burls cut off.
Burls are prized by woodworkers, who value these relatively rare formations for their eccentric and beautiful grain, so it seems surprising, if not perverse, for Bamburg to have used them as little more than building blocks.
Burl got up from his chair and told me to follow him.
Burl, whose system offers a continuum of services that includes independent housing, assisted living, a skilled nursing facility, subacute care, a visiting nurse association, and hospice care.
Burl offers archaeology as a traditional study, built up over centuries of research and record, and throughout the text there is reference to early antiquaries as well as recent interpretations.
Burl and his family sued the tobacco kings for pounds 450 million.
They burl their bodies violently into dance phrases, refugees from some Amazon sisterhood, needing contact yet prickly and edgy in every interaction that brings them together.
Photo: Finished display with a half-dozen different tillandsias in grapewood burl took about 30 minutes to assemble
Vavona burl, vavona burr, redwood burl, redwood, coast redwood, sequoia, California redwood
His company deals mainly with the hard-to-find veneers, including amboyna burl and thuya burl.
Narrated by the legendary Burl Ives, the story has whimsical animation and caused a giggle-