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BURNEDTarget May Have Spotted He/She Is Under Observation
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5 : to injure or affect by or as if by fire or heat <I burned my finger.
The latter could prove fortunate if flames move toward an area burned by the 2003 Piru Fire because that could slow things on that front, Van Der Raay said.
Volcan Mountain burned so intensely, Porter says, because it had "little islands of forest in a sea of chaparral" adding that it had been 95 years or more since the chaparral last burned.
It's too early to know if the burned areas of Florida will undergo a similar rebirth.
But Boeing officials said the historic documents detailing the hazardous materials burned at the site were not a secret and had been shared with regulators during a cleanup of the burn pit in the 1980s.
Some communities and solid waste districts have explored plants that restrict what is burned within them to wood and other "clean" streams that would not present the same emissions problems that occur when plastics and chemicals are part of the incoming material stream.
Inside an engine, as the liquid oxygen became gaseous and blew across the fuel's solid component, the pentane burned.
Because the frequent fires burned ground litter and brush, the fires seldom climbed into the crowns to kill mature trees.
All the nerves in those areas have been burned away.
The list includes 50 gallons of napalm burned in 1969, three gallons of dioxin burned in 1971, and the destruction of flammable waste in 1990 that resulted in a 10-foot-high fireball.
The wildfires that raged through the West last year may have been best captured by a picture of two elk seeking refuge in a river as the fire burned out of control all around them in Montana's Bitterroot National Forest.