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BURNEDTarget May Have Spotted He/She Is Under Observation
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It's like burned feathers," observed Amy, smoothing her own pretty curls with a superior air.
But for my aid his life would have burned away in torments within the first two years after the perpetration of his crime and thine.
and is it a dream that you're to be burned to-morrow?
Opening another book he saw it was "Palmerin de Oliva," and beside it was another called "Palmerin of England," seeing which the licentiate said, "Let the Olive be made firewood of at once and burned until no ashes even are left; and let that Palm of England be kept and preserved as a thing that stands alone, and let such another case be made for it as that which Alexander found among the spoils of Darius and set aside for the safe keeping of the works of the poet Homer.
It seems there were a few people alive there, frantic for the most part and many burned and scalded.
Yet, no matter how you may be fairing, you must not look for help from me, for only today I burned my left hand with the iron
Nearly the whole of the outer covering was burned away, but it was soon evident that the contents were hardly touched.
After a good deal of effort we moulded about twenty-five thousand bricks, and put them into a kiln to be burned.
He could not bear the idea of letting the enemy even reach Smolensk, still less could he contemplate the burning of Moscow, and when our armies did unite he was displeased that Smolensk was abandoned and burned without a general engagement having been fought under its walls.
She saw those smiling lips, burned and blackened, falling away from the strong, white teeth.
Below him burned the white lights of the town, a little noisier than usual to-night, for out in the bay a steamer was lying-to, and there had been a few passengers and cargo to land.
I hope you have burned the letters before you left Dort to join me at the Hague.