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BURPBrandeis University Recycling Program
BURPBig and Ugly Rendering Project (distributed computing project)
BURPBrewers United for Real Potables (homebrewing club)
BURPBeneficial Use Reconnaissance Project
BURPBig Ugly Rock Piece (Lego slang)
BURPBasic User Registration Protocol
BURPBachelor of Urban and Regional Planning
BURPBackwards, Upwards, Rightwards Pressure (maneuver applied to laryngeal cartilage to improve view of larynx)
BURPBasic Undergraduate RISC Processor (UCSB)
BuRPBlue River Parkway
BURPBlowfish Updated Re-entrant Project (cryptography)
BuRPBug Restoration Project
BURPBiometric Underwater Robot Program
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Harry is keen to quit ITV after growing tired of the hugely successful TV Burp because of the long hours of research and watching the box.
Spiral managed 51 burps and Richard also impressed.
The comedian, 44, will make two 8-episode series of TV Burp in 2010 and 2011.
Harry will resume discussions with ITV next month and has indicated he may be willing to work for the channel again - but he has also said he thinks his time fronting TV Burp has come to an end.
Hill is said to have had "creative differences" with agent Jon Thoday, the boss of Avalon, who produce TV Burp.
On Tuesday, with Cole in Daddy's arms, Katy in Mom's, Garrett in his seat and Chad being fed by Dick Whiteman's 84-year-old mother, Kay, five minutes did not pass without someone needing a burp towel or a pacifier, or trying to locate one or another baby's vitamin-packed bottle.
A survey showed we frequently burp at the table and talk with our mouths full.
Mike will be up against 15 other competitors to win the longest burp, loudest belch, burp talking and freestyle categories, where burpers can belch out a song.
A MAN'S reaction to a teenager's burp landed him in court.
Sadly, and catastrophically, it would appear Harry decided there was only one way to find out - bring back TV Burp and Stars In Their Eyes at the same time.
It's promising but tonight, Harry, I'm going to be longing for TV Burp.
30pm e' Bbg We've come to know TV Burp host Harry Hill for big collars, statement glasses, and a general air of befuddlement.