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BUSBank of the United States
BUSBroadcast and Unknown Server (ATM)
BUSBrownsville Urban System (Texas)
BUSBelle Urban System (Racine, Wisconsin)
BUSBeat Up Someone
BUSBlack United Students (colleges)
BUSBachelor of University Studies (degree)
BUSBinary Unit System
BUSBackscatter Ultraviolet Spectrometer
BUSBusiness Unit Sport (Organisational unit of SRG SSR idée suisse)
BUSBartholin, Urethral, and Skene (glands)
BUSBluegrass Ultra-transit Service (Kentucky, USA)
BUSBasic Utility System
BUSBargaining Union Status
BUSBackground Utility System
BUSBartholin, Urethral, Skene (glands)
BUSBaseband Unweighted Signal
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The diesel bus market in India, which constitutes a major market share in the overall Indian bus market, is expected to grow at a CAGR rate of 7.
The district's transportation supervisor Dan Schultz says the cameras allow him to monitor the bus drivers and see if they were triggering the stop arm in a timely fashion, and if they were following proper protocol in other instances such as at railroad stops.
The client is a CPU and chipset with a PCI bus, which interfaces to an Ethernet controller connected to the LAN.
The Bus Riders Union, an arm of the activist Labor/Community Strategy Center, says bus passengers get short shrift in Los Angeles, and that there's a racial component to the unfair treatment.
We're also starting to locate them toward the front of the vehicle to avoid residents' feeling they're in 'back of the bus.
The newly published book, Come Together: The Official John Lennon Educational Tour Bus Guide to Music and Video (Thomson Course Technology) is part how-to, part celebrity interviews, part technological showcase, and part travelogue.
But let's be straight: The MTA had no expansion plans for Rapid bus.
Development of the ATA/ATAPI-7 specification, an update of the parallel bus architecture that provides up to 133MB/sec, is currently being finalized (see www.
But the Bus Riders Union -- which last month asked the federal court to extend the decree for an additional four years -- argues that buses used by the urban poor remain crowded and the MTA needs to add at least 300 buses and 250 drivers to be in compliance.
Expander communications have been added to allow testing of each bus segment.
For example, suppose officers working in a transportation interdiction unit obtain the permission of a bus driver to board the bus during a regularly scheduled layover.