BUSACCBilateral US Arab-Chamber of Commerce
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Araissi announced several upcoming BUSACC trade missions, which she emphasized is an excellent way to build new relationships and expand an existing presence in the region.
In these difficult economic times, Iraq is a bright spot of opportunity for business development," said Aida Araissi, President & Managing Director of BUSACC.
Diane Sawyer of ABC's Good Morning America has heralded Planet Funk as 'legendary,' so when Nina Ridge from BUSACC called on Shawn Welling, Founder of Planet Funk, and asked him to pull together a routine in three weeks that wasn't an issue.
for over a decade," says Aida Araissi, President BUSACC.
Our objective is to facilitate the exchange of ideas, visions and objectives between educators in the US and Arab world," says Aida Araissi, Founder of BUSACC.
We feel that both the Qatari and American educators will discover more similarities than differences through this exchange," says Tina Halcomb, education director of BUSACC.
BUSACC will be inaugurating the first of many conferences to take place in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Kansas.