BUSMBoston University School of Medicine
BUSMBritish United Shoe Machinery (Leicester, England, UK)
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Division of Graduate Medical Sciences, BUSM Mental Health and Behavioral Medicine Program
com/toolkit) that BUSM has developed to provide residency program directors, chief medical officers and other physician-leaders several options to effectively and efficiently train their faculty/staff on safe opioid prescribing, specifically around communication with patients.
According to senior author Wendy Qiu, associate professor at BUSM, believes that some existing drugs for other diseases may penetrate into brain and may be effective for AD.
Given the inconsistency and unpredictability of exposure therapy, we are working to identify which process(es) during REM sleep dictate the success or failure of exposure therapy," said Subimal Datta, PhD, director and principle investigator at the Laboratory of Sleep and Cognitive Neuroscience at BUSM who served as the study's lead author.
The study points to the methylation of VEGFR-2 as an exciting, yet unexplored drug target for cancer and ocular angiogenesis, ushering in a new paradigm in anti-angiogenesis therapy," Nader Rahimi, PhD, associate professor of pathology, BUSM, who served as the study's senior investigator, said.
Over time, positive changes in these reports were associated with climbing GABA levels," said lead author Chris Streeter, MD, an associate professor of psychiatry and neurology at BUSM.
Founded in 2002, the Genetics and Genomics Department at BUSM consists of faculty and researchers with the combination of diverse expertise such as human genetics, molecular biology, mathematics, statistics and information technology needed to perform studies of the human genome and disease.
As part of the DETECT project at BUSM, blood samples from 78 former NFL players and 16 control subjects were analyzed by Exosome Sciences researchers.
Traish, MBA, PhD, professor of biochemistry and urology as well as Research Director of the Institute of Sexual Medicine at BUSM explained.
Led by co-first authors, Lixin Wan, PhD, a member of the Wei laboratory at BIDMC and Juxiang Cao, PhD, a member of the Cui lab at BUSM, their experiments showed that in normal circumstances, MC1R was binding to PTEN, a well-known tumor suppressor gene.
The study was led by first author Robert Saper, MD, MPH, associate professor of family medicine at BUSM and director of integrative medicine at BMC.