BUSNSeaman, Builder Striker (Naval Rating)
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Initially this program was administered by BUSN, but it was soon placed under the BUH nursing administration service with Mary Watts and Louise Ramsey in charge.
In spite of a growing need for nurses, BUSN continued to struggle financially.
Policies of the BGCT, however, constrained their use by BUSN and BUCM (in Houston), just as they constrained acceptance by BUH of Hill-Burton funds for hospital expansion (66).
Plank is a graduate of BUSN and earned a master's degree at Texas Woman's University.
Nelson graduated from the University of Manitoba with a bachelor's degree in nursing, from Winnipeg Health Science Center in intensive care nursing, and from BUSN with a master's degree in nursing.
BUMC units under her aegis included inpatient medicine and oncology nursing care, Sammons Cancer Center and diabetes center operations, environmental services, and nutritional services, and she also served as liaison with BUSN.
In the 21st century, BUSN and other schools of nursing will be faced with increasing recruitment difficulty and competition from other career opportunities.