BUSPHBoston University School of Public Health (Boston, MA)
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BUSPH leveraged resources from state and federal agencies to fund the course and has used this partnership as a model to develop and deliver additional distance learning and classroom-based trainings.
Diversity and flexibility in career options typified the "positive" responses to the question on the value of the MSW/MPH: "It provided me with a greater variety of options," and "My education at the BUSPH enhanced my experience at BUSSW.
Previous studies led by Ann Aschengrau, professor of epidemiology at BUSPH, have found associations between PCE exposure and cancer, as well as reproductive and developmental outcomes.
The study, headed by Jonathan Howland, BUSPH, comes amid increased government scrutiny of energy drinks, particularly when mixed with alcohol.
Tozan, assistant professor of international health at BUSPH, said, "The success of interventions in the community ultimately depends on whether formal health systems can provide front-line health workers with drugs and other necessary health commodities, regular monitoring and supervision, and linkages to referral systems" for follow-up treatment.
The research team from the Center for Global Health and Development at BUSPH addressed the widespread practice of treating children with fevers with anti-malarial drugs, rather than screening them first for malaria or pneumonia.
We were fortunate to be able to have such a large study sample to interview to help us understand this phenomenon," said Lee Strunin of BUSPH.