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BUTBest Use of Technology
BUTBetter Understand Things
BUTBelly Up Tavern
BUTBreakup Time (of lacrimal film; ophthalmology)
BUTBrno University of Technology (Brno, Czech Republic)
BUTAtlantic Butterfish (FAO fish species code)
BUTBuild Up Technology
BUTBarbados Union of Teachers
BUTBasic Unit Training
BUTBehold the Underlying Truth
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She's beaten the boys before but has suffered with the handicapper for that success.
He faces tough competition but I sense it's not beyond him.
An official rating of 132 is as low as you want to go, so that rules out Workbench, leaving us with Caid Du Berlais and No Buts.
But to reduce stress and improve your life, there's a simple rule: Maximize the amount of time you spend working toward your goals--and minimize the time you spend on less important things.
Avec deux defaites, un nul et une petite victoire apres ces 4 matches de la Botola, avec seulement 2 petites realisations sur 4 buts encaisses, on demande comment le Raja va pouvoir rebondir lors des prochaines journees.
There's a lot of ifs and buts around the 10-point deduction.
And isn't that to some extent due, not to the exclusion of others by the Welsh, but to their exclusion in various ways by others over time?
But recently he managed to finagle about $480 million in savings and new revenues from the Bush administration in Washington, D.
Increasingly, however, we have felt that the AOL/Time Warner merger, absent meaningful non-discriminatory open access for ISPs and ITV, is bad not only for FISPA, but also for consumers and competition.
Les poulains de Maher Kenzari scellent le sort de la rencontre a la 49e minute sur un but signe Haithem Jouini.
C'est pourquoi nous avons toujours essaye de mettre deux joueurs au marquage, pour qu'il ne puisse pas partir vers le but comme il a l'habitude de le faire.
Meanwhile, one of the many things which depressed as well as shocked me about the vicious sectarian attack on Neil Lennon were the comments from some Celtic fans, yes, Celtic fans, which were allegedly along the lines of: "It's wrong but he shouldn't have gone out on the night of an Old Firm game.