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BUTABritish United Turkeys of America
BUTABroxburn and Uphall Traders' Association (UK)
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A big question arises on reasons given by Lalu Yadav and Buta Singh for retaining ministerial bungalows, that too on special concessional lease-rent.
Nasib Piriev, Buta Arts Centre Director, said "I am thrilled to bring the beauty and versatility of the tar to the London audience and combine it with the talents of the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra.
And with the benefit of this experience, the founders of Buta Films have now completed their first feature film.
After assessing the case last week the Conduct and Competence Committee decided to strike Mr Buta from the nursing register, and accused him of "being blase and not thinking he had done anything wrong".
Although the buta wasn't jettisoned, it was downgraded to just one among a huge variety of floral, architectural, and other motifs, combining with them in designs of dizzying complexity and what Ames calls a wild "kinetic energy".
Anil, Buta and Harjinder were from India and Imran and Liyakat were from Pakistan.
National Commission for Schedule Caste (NCSC) chairman Buta Singh too visited the village last week and took stock of the situation.
Buta although Samaras and his team-matesnow look destined to drop into the new Europa League, the former Manchester Citymanis adamant both halves of the Old Firm are still a match for the cream of the continental game.
Peter Docherty list of centurion Penarth at home David Carter su in the home total Panteg almostm for eight, butA three for 44 helped hold them off.
Buta Cardiff council spokeswoman said other staff, who have been trained to manage the tunnels' drainage, airflow and safety needs, will be on duty.
A Agreed, it sounds simple to take your little bag of cans and dump 'em every time you pass recycling facilities, butA it can be difficult for some to remember the jute bag for shopping, even with the best of intentions.
In other Eastern cultures the buta is a symbol for life and eternity.