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BUTTBring Up This Topic (message boards/forums)
BUTTBusiness Unit Technical Team
BUTTBackward Utilized Tracking Torpedo (Star Control Spathi Eluder ship ability)
BUTTBathyscaphic Underwater Towing Trestle
BUTTBackwards-Utilized Tracking Torpedo (gaming, Spathi weapon)
BUTTBlackmail Uncovers Titanic Tush (Kids Next Door show)
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If any rummy thinks he can butt in on you an' me, he'll learn different, an' I'm the little boy that'll learn 'm.
Now," quoth he, "my bow and eke mine arrows are as good as shine; and moreover, I go to the shooting match at Nottingham Town, which same has been proclaimed by our good Sheriff of Nottinghamshire; there I will shoot with other stout yeomen, for a prize has been offered of a fine butt of ale.
Why, boy, thy mother's milk is yet scarce dry upon thy lips, and yet thou pratest of standing up with good stout men at Nottingham butts, thou who art scarce able to draw one string of a two-stone bow.
Less than ten blacks had been known to rush a blackbirder officered by no more than two white men, and Van Horn's hand closed on the butt of his automatic, although he did not pull it clear of the holster, and although, with his left hand, he directed the cigar to his mouth and puffed it lively alight.
The dandy, in the stern, with a careless look upward, tried with his foot to shove over the green leaves so as to cover the out-jutting butts of several rifles, but made the matter worse by exposing them more fully.
The dandy's toe strayed privily to feel out the butts of the Sniders under the green leaves, and Ishikola was loth to depart.
This might have been, but for you, a cheery lass--Peter Butt and Rose a happy man and wife, in a snug farm, with a hearty family; and an honest portion of pleasures, cares, hopes and struggles--but a title and a coach and four are toys more precious than happiness in Vanity Fair: and if Harry the Eighth or Bluebeard were alive now, and wanted a tenth wife, do you suppose he could not get the prettiest girl that shall be presented this season?
There we sat, on our tall scaffold, the butt of the hate and mockery of all those enemies.
A BUTT will save you money if you are on a water meter.
One good televised head butt, and you too could be an Assemblyman.
Butt, left, apologised and, although he was also fined by boss Steve Bruce, he was named in the Blues side to face Stoke in last Sunday's FA Cup win.
Butt, 38, even persuaded the cabbie to sell his taxi and give him the money.