BUiDBritish University in Dubai
BUIDBoston University ID
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control capabilities allowing BUiD to set policies which dictate and regulate
Interested professionals and prospective students will have the opportunity to hear from a high-profile panel of both industry speakers and academics on the importance of core course elements and how they relate to the construction industry," said Robert Whalley, Professor of Engineering at BUiD.
Our support for BUiD and its students is an important part of our commitment to improve skills and knowledge as the world moves towards a low carbon future.
The partnership between BUiD and BCS will enhance the information technology programmes offered by the university," he added, while explaining how BCS aims to promote the study and practice of computing and to advance knowledge of and education in IT for the benefit of the public.
He said BUiD prizes itself on being a research-based university and chose to kick off its doctoral programmes with a PhD in Education because from an institutional point of view there is a need for extensive research to be conducted on the education sector "[in order] to develop quality and something better than what we have.
The professional development unit is designed to allow business organizations the opportunity to gain key industry specific skills through BUiD courses," said Mayall.
The difficulty I had when I first came in was helping to buid up a team in the first two years.
Gibson, Thomas 1986 Sacrifice and Sharing in the Philippine Highlands: Religion and Society among the Buid of Mindoro.
MANY Echo readers will have been irritated by fireworks over the past month or so in the buid up to Bonfire Night this week.
Leslie Sponsel, for instance, in studying ethnographies of the Semai, Chewong, Buid, and Piaroa peoples concludes that there is a positive correlation between gender equality and peace.
To do so, however, they would need to buid on their own ancient foundations rather than tearing them down, as is the way of conventional development" She now runs a small "counter-development" effort, the International Society for Ecology and Culture, with offices in California, England and Leh.
Out concern is to buid accountability into the law," says MBELDEF"s Mitchell.