BVCABritish Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (London, England)
BVCABlue Valley Community Action (Nebraska and Kansas)
BVCABritish Venture Capitalist Association (est. 1983; London, UK)
BVCABusiness Venture Capital Association (UK)
BVCABeijing Vocational College of Agriculture (Beijing, CA)
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According to the latest BVCA statistics, the Midlands saw more private equity and venture capital investment in 2014 than anywhere else outside of London and the South East.
The BVCA has over 500 member firms, representing the vast majority of UK-based private equity and venture capital firms and advisers
The business was one of five winners in the Wales final of the BVCA Management Team Awards 2014.
Syntax joins the BVCA as a professional services member, as they provide IT support and outsourcing services directly to a number of companies in the Private Equity industry, and to companies that are owned by Private Equity organisations.
In broader economic terms, the BVCA is also encouraged by the Government's commitment to lower and less complicated taxation, de-regulation and the overhaul of the planning system.
18 booklets BVCA x 25 voucher / card x 50 lei / voucher - the Electrocentrale Paroseni Branch;
The regional technology sector received the highest proportion of investments made (19%), although this only represented around PS6m of the PS16m total invested by BVCA members in the North East last year.
Deputy chief executive of the BVCA Tim Hames said: "The awards are in recognition of the achievements of British companies that are backed by private equity and venture capital.
The BVCA (2008) report suggests that while large MBO funds generated a 23.
BVCA chief executive Simon Walker said: "The BVCA understands the importance of the private equity industry being more transparent.
The BVCA represent almost every UK-based private equity and venture capital business.
The amount 3i invested in the region increased by 145 per cent to pounds 98 million, and the company says it is all the more significant, as the total figure for investment by BVCA members in the West Midlands fell by almost a quarter over the 1997 figure.