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BVDBradley, Voorhees & Day (underwear brand)
BVDBovine Viral Diarrhea
BVDBij Voorbaat Dank
BVDBinnenlandse Veiligheids Dienst
BVDBelgische Vereniging voor Documentatie
BVDButterworth Van-dyke (model)
BVDBasispartij voor Vernieuwing en Democratie (Basis Party for Renewal and Democracy; Suriname)
BVDBig Viterbi Decoder
BVDBlock Value Decomposition
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BVD is not a problem of a single country, it is a European and an important worldwide problem , states Volker Moennig.
Eliminating BVD virus will not only improve health, welfare and production efficiency but contribute to our aim of reducing the need to use antimicrobials through better health.
BVD can also suppress immunity, making animals susceptible to pneumonia and other health issues.
At Lufthansa's Hub Control Center, Fraport's BVD staff work round-the-clock to help keep operations running smoothly.
Meanwhile, Scotland has gone down the route of monitoring and investigating farms where laboratory results indicate there is a BVD problem.
Studies show a dairy herd infected with BVD can be losing PS90-a-cow per year, and beef herds PS30-a-cow.
All farms taking part received a free herd health planning visit including free BVD blood screening, collection of on-farm production data and a written BVD action plan.
The new BVD scheme is similar to one already available through HCC for Johne's Disease testing.
The Chicago-based maker of underwear, T-shirts and active wear under the Fruit of the Loom, BVD, Gitano and Munsingwear names already had cut about 4,200 jobs during the past three months in an effort to compete better in the global marketplace.
Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) screening technology offers producers an extremely accurate, yet cost-effective method to clear BVD PI animals from their herds in an effort to reduce the estimated two billion dollars in annual losses suffered by the cattle industry due to BVD in both 2004 and 2005.
Conventional BVD vaccines are unable to fully control the disease due to antigenic variability of the virus and inadequate host immune response to vaccination.