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BVEBeroepsonderwijs en Volwasseneneducatie (Dutch: job instruction and adult education)
BVEBureau de la Vie Étudiante (French: Office of Student Life)
BVEBoso View Express (gaming train simulator)
BVEBachelor of Vocational Education
BVEBank von Ernst (European bank)
BVEBrive-La-Gaillarde, France - Laroche (Airport Code)
BVEBinocular Visual Efficiency
BVEBureau Virtuel des Élèves (French: Virtual Student Office)
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The model provided "normalization" of the data dividing by BVE and deflating future values (in t+1) to the present period, t.
There is a small but growing body of research documenting the impact of the BVE regime on the health and welfare of community based asylum seekers in Australia.
Such a person is provided with a BVE without work rights while their application is assessed.
BVE points to the growing popularity of frozen foods in Germany, Its figures show that 30 years ago per capita consumption, excluding ice cream, was 22.
Our bank performance measures include the changes in NIM, ROA, and BVE over the relevant time period.
Another 3 ml of BVE was precipitated with 6 volumes of ethanol overnight, and the supernatant and precipitated material were separated as before.
The investigative sources said Yamaha Motor has received several tens of millions of yen a year in ''labor fees'' from Beijing BVE and Poly Technologies since 2001.
BVE is building more than $500 million in commercial, industrial and retail properties in East Bay, San Francisco.
Customers of BVE, Eastern Edison or Newport Electric should call toll-free 1-800-242-3850 to report any power outages.
BVE provides electric service to customers in northern Rhode Island; Eastern Edison, in the Greater Brockton and Fall River, Mass.
stages crews in advance, monitors outages, tracks damage, and mobilizes crews to affected areas within the service territories of BVE, Eastern Edison or Newport Electric.
To reach BVE, Eastern Edison or Newport Electric, customers should call the special toll-free Outage Reporting Number: 1-800-242-3850.