BVESBlood Vessel Epicardial Substance (cell biology)
BVESBear Valley Electric Service (Big Bear Lake, CA)
BVESBedford Village Elementary School (New York)
BVESBoulder Valley Employee Survey (Boulder, CO)
BVESBroadway Video Encoding Services (New York)
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who discovered BVES and showed its importance in heart development, Chang found that BVES was highly expressed and regulated in corneal cells.
When BVES is disrupted in corneal cells, they become disorganized, almost "cancer-like," noted Chang, an assistant professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences and co-author on the study.
to assess BVES expression in human colorectal cancers.
They also noted decreased BVES levels in many other types of epithelial cancers (including breast) and in several colorectal cancer cell lines.
In cell experiments, the researchers showed that treating cells with a "demethylating" agent (the drug decitabine, which is currently used to treat myelodysplastic disorders) restored BVES expression.
When BVES was expressed in colorectal cancer cell lines, they became more epithelial in nature and their tumour-like characteristics (in cell experiments and in animal models) decreased.
BVES provides electric services to approximately 23,000 customers in the City of Big Bear Lake and surrounding areas in San Bernardino County.
Customers who were on the BVES system during those periods of time are receiving refunds plus interest based on the ratio of their electric usage to total system usage during the refund period.
BVES is attempting to locate the current addresses of all previous customers who are entitled to a refund.