BVGBundesverfassungsgericht (highest German court)
BVGBureau du Vérificateur Général du Canada (auditor general)
BVGBerliner Verkehrs Gesellschaft
BVGBest Value Guarantee
BVGBusiness Venture Group (UK)
BVGBorrowdale Volcanic Group
BVGBerliner Verkehrsbetriebe Gesellschaft (German: Berlin Transportation Company)
BVGBattlefield Visualization Graphics
BVGbody-voltage generation
BVGBharat Vikas Group (Chinchwad, India)
BVGBreakdown Voltage of Gate (semiconductor)
BVGBiblioteca Virtual Galega (Spanish: Galician Virtual Library)
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Established in 1991 by chief executive Iain Burgess, Brecon-based BVG has grown rapidly from a single person operation to a highly profitable non-high street retailer generating a PS70m turnover.
Ventures homes offer the utmost luxury in each of the carefully selected destinations," said Jae Heinberg, president of BVG.
But BVG are set to buck the trend with a gaming title that includes such disciplines as cooking and gardening, and that allows you to customize your character, and become an actual housewife and move into Wisteria Lane along with your own secrets to uncover.
Oil supplies are limited, and we're thinking about how our buses will be powered in the future," BVG bus technology manager Burkhard Eberwein told Berliner Zeitung.
The tourist board said that BVG pulled out of the tender for two main reasons.
We want to make BVG a creative force in the game industry by establishing close relationships with the remarkable talent within the development community," said Picunko.
A fishing line - the ridge line - has been pioneered by BVG Airflo for fly fishing.
Since that time, BVG Airflo Group's sales have grown rapidly - the group continues to dominate the markets served by its two core business operations.
BVG develops, publishes, markets and distributes a broad portfolio of multi-platform video games and interactive entertainment worldwide.
Established as BVG in 1991, with the aim of distributing special interest videos, the company is now divided into four distinct divisions - software training, media partner services, fly fishing lines and direct operations.
The studio is of both strategic and geographic importance to BVG as it becomes the third internal studio, and the first in Europe, that BVG has added to its development capacity.