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BVHBounding Volume Hierarchy (ray tracing)
BVHBlanchard Valley Hospital (Findlay, OH)
BVHBene Vagienna Hotel (Bene Vagienna, Italy)
BVHBright Vision Hospital (Singapore)
BVHBalgownie Veterinary Hospital (Australia)
BVHBundesverband des Deutschen Versandhandels eV (German E-Commerce and Distance Selling Trade Association)
BVHVolume of Blood in the Homogenized Tissue
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Throughout September, BVH is also honouring pets in their golden years with a free consultation followed by options of wellness examinations.
The BVH machine is provided with an exclusive system that returns to the electrical network, any surplus energy consequently decreasing the electrical consumption of the machine to ensure a more sustainable manufacturing platform.
The types of pathology in this group were BVH secondary to infection (n = 10) or mild head trauma (n = 1).
The Glare rating is based on four of the LCS zones: FVH, BVH, Front High (FH) and BH.
BVH allows the intersection to occur without searching for non-colliding pairs from the hierarchy tree.
A report to the BVH management board on Wednesday says the company could consider taking on the management of homes owned by other landlords, the provision of new services to its existing customers or the sale of advice and consultancy services.
5004 BHK of America 1707 BRIWAX 2417 BVH Gregg Inc.
BVH White is a lightweight highly compressible all-plastic crush-resistant hose; and SDH white and clear hose are static dissipative.
Captured animations do not exhibit artifacts like jitter or foot skate and can be exported in popular animation formats including FBX, BVH and COLLADA.
BVH was set up in April 2002 to take over the management of 7,500 council homes after the move was supported by the vast majority of tenants in the area and it was approved by the Government.
The Brain Resources Company, BVH Bio, Caleco Pharma Corp.
Blender users can bring Mixamo animations into their projects in several ways depending on their needs, using Collada or BVH format based workflows.