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BVLBundesamt für Verbraucherschutz und Lebensmittelsicherheit (Germany: Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety)
BVLBundesvereinigung Logistik (German: Federal Logistics Association)
BVLBowlers to Veterans Link
BVLBolsa de Valores de Lisboa
BVLBuena Ventura Lakes (Florida)
BVLBeroepsvoorbereidend Leerjaar (Dutch)
BVLBureau du Val de Loire (French fruit distributor; Maine-et-Loire, France)
BVLBourgogne Vol Libre (French flight school)
BVLBouët, Vidal, Laroudie (French architectural firm)
BVLBerrimah Veterinary Laboratories (Australia)
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S&P DJI will be responsible for the marketing and commercial licensing of the BVL indices.
Hemendra Aran, Founder & CEO of Aranca said, “We value this strategic partnership with Dr Carl Sheeler and BVL.
On August 17, Health Canada banned importation of some BVL drugs and warned doctors and hospitals of resulting shortages.
However, the BVC has stated that it sees the link with the BVL as "complementary" to MILA's objectives.
Representatives from the trade groups in attendance -- Edeka, Markant and Rewe -- as well as representatives from BVL, will be available for discussions.
In August 2011, BVL announced that it will exit the contract manufacturing services business over the next several years.
The BVL and Logistik Heute honoured Hapag-Lloyd and the other winners in a total of 11 categories at a gala event held in Berlin on April 26.
Island work - fire pit and move outhouse at BVL (small team).
MILA, a market linkage between BVL, the Bolsa de Valores de Colombia (BVC) and Chile's Bolsa de Comercio de Santiago (BCS), was disrupted at the end of December 2010 after BVL said it could not participate until Peru's capital gains tax regime was standardised.
BVL plans to refinance the Bridge Loan after the completion of the Acquisition and talks are advanced in this regard.
Lefty Grove pitched a game for Douglas in the first BVL.