BVNABuena Vista Neighborhood Association (est. 1964; San Francisco, CA)
BVNABay View Neighborhood Association (Milwaukee, WI)
BVNABethel Visiting Nurse Association (est. 1927; Bethel, CT)
BVNABritish Veterinary Nursing Association
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Amanda Ainsworth, welfare andoperationsmanagerforthe Trustsaid:"Iwouldliketoofficially thank the BVNA for everything theyhavedoneforthe Trustand forgreyhoundsthisyear.
Claire Fraser, President of BVNA, said: "We chose the Retired Greyhound Trust because of the great work its volunteers undertake for the welfare of the dogs.
Foley indicated, "the BVNA Telehealth Program is a true integration of cutting-edge technology with BVNA highly specialized and patient-individualized Nursing Care Interventions.