BVPSBook Value Per Share (investing/finance)
BVPSBusiness Value Planning Service (Microsoft)
BVPSBukit View Primary School (Singapore)
BVPSBristol Virginia Public Schools (Bristol, VA)
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j] is to 1, the closer the company's book value, represented by BVPS, is to its market value (Qiang, 2007).
Where, MVCS is equal with market value of common stock, BVPS is book value of preferred stock, BVLTD is book value of long-term financial facilities, BVINV is book value of inventories, BVCA is book value of current assets and BVTA is book value of total assets.
Consequently, specialty companies posted above-average percentages for both average net ROE and CAGR in BVPS for the 2002-2006 and 2007-2011 time periods.
For the deregulated period (D = 1), the coefficients on OCFPS, BVPS, and EPS are given below:
The relative underwriting performance, ROEs and BVPS growth of the individual companies in the study group shows wide disparity in performance across companies.
0 250 - 550 filsYear Operating Revenues Operating Profit Net Profit EPS BVPS ROAA ROAE P/E P/BV (KD mn) (KD mn) (KD mn) (fils) (fils) (%) (%) (x) (x)2010F 42.
8Year Revenues Net Profit EPS BVPS ROE P/E P/BV (SR Mn) (SR Mn) (SR) (SR) (%) (x) (x)2009E 185,266 31,784 10.
RFP/RFQ Description: This project includes rehabilitation studies of three of the four pump stations: BVPS, RPS and BCPS.
Where MVPS is market value per share, EPS is earnings per Share, BVPS is book value per share, LARGSIZE is a dummy variable to measure the effect of large size of firm, PROFIT is dummy for profitable firms, DIVPAY is the dummy variable capturing the effect of dividend paying firms, HIGHLEVERAGE is the dummy variable that takes value one when company is high levered, ABNORMALLEVERAGE is the dummy variable that takes value one when company is abnormally levered, ACCSTD is the dummy variable to capture the effect of adoption of accounting standard, FINCRIS is the dummy variable to capture the effect of Asian financial crisis (2007,2008,2009),e is the error term.
89Year Revenue EBITDA Net Income EPS BVPS ROAE P/E P/BVPS (AED mn) (AED mn) (AED mn) (AED) (AED) (%) (x) (x)2009F 517.
4Year Revenue (SR mn) Net Profit(SR Mn) EPS (SR) BVPS (SR) ROE (%) P/E (x) P/BV (x)2009 E 4,948.