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Values and beliefs related to age (ANOVA) BVQ [13; 18] [19; 24] (n = 23) (n = 44) Reproduction 2.
Taylor (1996) administered the BVQ (Olweus, 1989) to 145 post-primary students to examine the efficacy of Anti-Bullying Policies; 22% of the pupils in schools with Anti-Bullying policies reported being bullied compared with 31% in the control schools with no policy in place.
Taylor (1996), also utilizing the BVQ (Olweus, 1989), reported data from a study among a sample of 145 post-primary school pupils examining the efficacy of anti-bullying policies.
For example, concerning the Olweus' (1989) BVQ, while Collins and Bell (1996) reported only upon incidence rates for bullies, Taylor (1996) reported only upon incidence rates for victims.
The BVQ staff has also produced another booklet, Soulful Getaways, an African-American oriented travel guide, which was inserted in select Tribune newspapers on Sunday, Aug.