BVQiBureau Veritas Quality International
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BVQI participates in a number of professional external organizations and committees such as IIOC, EOTC, EFQM, ISO TC-176 & ISO-QSAR.
The Tea Sourcing Partnership selected BVQI because it has extensive experience in carrying out quality, environmental, food safety and social audits in over 70 countries on behalf of 25,000 clients, and draws on the skills of over 1,200 fully trained professional auditors.
BVQI is now in the process of evaluating L-P's remaining U.
The Colombia certification was the result of a South American regional project team involving Grace employees from Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico, and was audited by BVQI.
BENTO AS is in compliance with the ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management System standard set by the BVQI (Bureau Veritas).
It's the only broker certified with the ISO 9001 in all of its commercial processes through BVQi, Ltda.
Pupuk Kaltim received the ISO-14001 certificate from BVQI and frm BV in 2004, second recertification of ISO 14001 in 2004 .
Al Zamil acquired ISO 9001:2000, certified and audited by BVQI for the range of work C[pounds sterling]Design, fabrication and repair of pressure vessels, storage tanks, silos, hoppers, steel structures and piping works with paintingC[yen].
A technology partner of Mitsubishi, Japan, the company has also been awarded the ISO 9001:2000 certification by BVQI and the type test certification from ASTA and LOVAG.
The BVQi audit team thoroughly examined the company's business processes, data and records, interviewed employees and monitored the work in process at PRA's offices throughout the world.
Elastic S/A Industria de Artefatos de Borracha, Sao Paulo, Brazil, was registered to ISO/QS 9000 for the last three years and now is recommended by BVQI to ISO/TS 16949.
The certification was awarded by BVQi of Jamestown, New York, and received by Brush in December 2005.