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BVRBeyond Visual Range
BVRBureau of Vocational Rehabilitation
BVRBusiness Valuation Review (journal)
BVRBiliverdin Reductase
BVRBulletin de Versement (French)
BVRBundesverband der Volks-und Raiffeisenbanken (German Cooperatives Head)
BVRBoycott Vulnerability Ratio
BVRBig Vin Records
BVRBroadcast Video Rentals, Ltd
BVRBusiness Valuation Resources, LLC
BVRBenefits Valuation Report
BVRBreadboard Voltage Regulator
BVRBest Value Revue
BVRBundesverband der Fernseh- und Filmregisseure in Deutschland (German: Federation of Television and Film Directors in Germany)
BVRBattery Voltage Relay
BVRBeyond Visual Recognition
BVRBrighton Vehicle Rentals (UK)
BVRBig Virtual Router
BVRBiventricular Repair
BVRBao Varakhii Rattery (Grand Rapids, MI)
BVRBoîte de Vitesse Robotisée (French: Automated Gearbox)
BVRBlackwater Valley Runners (UK)
BVRBundeverband Regie (German directors guild)
BVRBelgische Vereniging van de Rubberindustrie (Dutch: Belgian Rubber Industry Association; Brussels, Belgium)
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Some 48 BVR kits were also stolen from a Kapsabet warehouse.
After another successful staging of BVR on Tour, Tan said the group is now looking to take beach volleyball to new places.
30 March 2017 - US-based engineering, manufacturing and technology company Kaney Aerospace has completed the acquisition of BVR Technologies from Esterline Corp.
With the support from co-operating partners, the Commission has selected experts in BVR to assist in understanding the system more.
BVR delivers authoritative market data, continuing professional education, and expert opinion to business appraisers, merger and acquisition professionals, private equity and venture capitalists, business brokers, CPAs, lawyers and judges, owners, CFOs, and others.
BVR Legal, a division of Business Valuation Resources, Inc.
BVR Systems said the programmes call for the provision of integrated logistic support services for a period of three years for training systems previously provided by BVR.
The BVR is a measure of temporal dispersion, which captures the variation in repolarization between subsequent beats and is evaluated at resting heart rates.
DRDO researchers have already completed several systems designs on the BVR missiles, named Astra, including aerodynamic configuration and some sub-systems designs.
The BVR intercept allowed the Navy aircrew to practice visual identification against the MiG.
SGI has completed the first installation phase for an SGI Onyx 3800 visualization system, the largest graphics supercomputer in Israel, located at BVR Systems in Rosh-Ha'Ayin.