BVRIBritish Vital Records Index (UK)
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As perhaps would be expected from the particular sensitivity of the CCD sensor to the red, (15) the shape of the curve is reminiscent of the R passband as can be seen by comparing it with the individual BVRI lightcurves of SN 1998bu that are shown in the review by Liebundgut.
The unfiltered observations made with the MicroObservatory telescopes effectively cover the BVRI passbands, but with varying degrees of sensitivity.
However, following successful use of the MicroObservatory to observe the two SNe in 2011, the CfA has kindly provided the author with access to the Legacy MicroObservatory which allows the telescopes to be requested to acquire BVRI and unfiltered images from any location in the sky.
A few years later I went a step further and bought a 14-inch (350mm) Schmidt-Cassegrain scope mounted on a Losmandy Titan mount (Figure 2), a set of Johnson-Cousins BVRI photometric filters in a filter wheel, purchased with the help of a BAA Ridley Grant, and other essentials such as a motorised focuser and a dew heater.