BVRLABritish Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association
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The BVRLA said that a combined group would be fronted by a single online gateway, which would signify businesses and motorists would only have to manage one access point whether they were registering a vehicle, taxing it, putting it through an MOT or Annual Test or disposing of it.
The team at Signature Car Leasing is fully behind the advice given to motorists by the BVRLA and is encouraging people to be vigilant when shopping for deals on car leasing, whether they are interested in a personal car leasing service or business car leasing service.
The third of the trio mentioned earlier by the BVRLA is Finance Lease.
BVRLA chief executive Gerry Keaney said:"We welcome this delay and are happy that the DVLA and the Department for Transport have listened to the needs of some of their biggest customers.
A DVLA spokesman said: "As BVRLA is aware, timescales for implementation are under discussion, but we can confirm that no changes will come into effect over the busy festive season".
BMW'S new i8 sports car will be showcased at the BVRLA Fleet Technology Congress on July 1.
BVRLA Chief Executive Gerry Kearney commented "Rental and leasing companies will no doubt be keen to see the technology under the skin of this revolutionary sports car as it will gradually filter down and become standard on mainstream fleet cars in the coming years.
Hertz is a member of the BVRLA and Freight Transport Association and is the FTA Van Excellence Industry Partner for rental which promotes a voluntary code of practice for the safe and efficient operation of vans.
It is great that the Red Tape Challenge we participated in last year is continuing to bring results," said BVRLA chief executive John Lewis.
More than a dozen new electric and hybrid vehicles are set to hit the UK market over the next year, but most of them will be decorating showrooms unless manufacturers are more realistic on pricing," said BVRLA chief executive John Lewis.
BVRLA (British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association) head of communications Toby Poston explained this was critical for leasing companies and fleets, especially as cars becoming increasingly technical and computerised.
This week, leasing and vehicle rental body BVRLA has made an appeal to companies to help reduce risk and cost management by preventing staff from using their own vehicles for business unless they can give proof that their car is roadworthy and insured and provide licence details.